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pa-pa jewellery's sea charm bracelet

Pa-pa's solid silver seacharm bracelet has 13 charms. You have the option to create your own charm bracelet by choosing your own charms from the Pa-pa Collection. £625 More info

All Pa-pa's designer bracelets are hallmarked at the Birrmingham Assay Office to verify their silver or gold content.


pa-pa jewellery

Bangles, bracelets and cuffs are available in most sizes, as all of Pa-pa's Jewellery designs are handmade.

Standard size is 19.5 cm long for a bracelet and Pa-pa's 2mm thick silver bangles have an internal diameter of 6.5cm (medium) accross. Please email alternative size if required.

Jewellery designs for anyone that loves unusual jewellery!

TO ORDER PHONE 07791 478563

Flower opal cuff bracelet

Above the model is wearing a silver textured cuff with flower and opal set £150. Bracelet below is Pa-pa 's cockle cuff. £125 More info



Solid silver bangles and bracelets by Pa-pa
Flower opal bracelet Wave bangle with opal cockle cuff bracelet wave bangle

Silver Flower opal cuff bracelet . More info

Opal set wave bangle. Silver .More info Silver Cockle shell cuff bracelet. More info Silver Wave bracelet. More info.
Flower racelet by Pa-pa heart bangle Heart knot bracelet Cowireshell bracelet by Pa-pa
Flower oval link bracelet More info

Hearts bangle stamped More info

Heart knot bracelet More info

Cowrie shell bracelet More info
Wave and topaz stone bracelet lifebouy bangle cockle cuff on leather Silver heart bangles

Solid silver wave and topaz set bracelet £125 more info

Solid silver lifebuoy and two 2mm solid silver bangles £125
Solid silver cockle shell braided leather cuff £125 more info
Four solid silver textured heart bangles shown togther here. £50 Each
Price - 125
Price - 125
Price - 525
Price - 50
Flower bracelet silver cuff bracelet seahorse bangle starfish bracelet
 2mm thick Solid silver wild flower drop bangle £55 . Other charms available.
 Solid silver and 9ct solid gold hearts cuff bracelet 1 inch wide. £525
 Solid silver bangle with seahorse and cockle charms with lapis £115
 2mm solid silver bangle with silver starfish and lapis charms £55
Price - 55
Price - 525
Price - 115
Price - 55
Silver mussel shell bangle silver shell bracelet  bracelet with mussel shell and black pearl seahorse bracelet
 Two 2mm bangles with solid silver cockle shell and real pearl charms £165
 Solid silver whelk and limpet charm bracelet with turquoise. more info £65
 Solid silver linked bracelet with baby mussel shell charm and pearl £145 more info
Solid  Silver seahorse bracelet with turquoise bead and flower charm. £150
Price - 165
Price - 65
Price - 145
Price - 150
Mussel shell bangle Oyster shell bangle silver Mussel heart shell bracelet flower bracelet
 Silver baby mussel and pearl charm 2mm bangle. £100
 Solid silver Oyster double bangle & pearl £145
 Baby Mussel heart on two 2mm silver bangles. £165
Moving Flower on two 2mm solid silver bangles-£125
Price - 100


Price - 145


Price - 165


Price - 125
flower bracelet Silver cockle shell bangle cockle bangle pearl bracelet
Silver flower on brown chord bracelet with starfish and turquoise charms £75
Two solid silver bangles are joined by a silver cockle shell with real white pearl drop . £125
Silver cockle bangles- double £125.
 Solid Silver mussel and pearl chunky chain bracelet. £250
Price - 75
Price - 125
Price - 125
Price - 250
starfish bracelet starfish bracelet whelk bracelet Silver whelk shell bracelet
 Solid Silver starfish drop charm braclet linked fastening allows length to be adjusted £100
 Solid silver 2mm bangle with a solid silver starfish charm. £55. Different charms are available.
 Silver whelk drop charm braclet linked fastening allows length to be adjusted £100
 Solid Silver 2mm bangle withsolid silver whelk and lapis bead charm £60
Price - 100
Price - 55
Price - 100
Price - 60
Silver wave bracelet Worm's Head landscape bangle Silver cowrie shell bracelet Silver seahorse bracelet
 Solid 3mm silver wave bracelet with colorful labradorite set.- £250
Worms Head landscape bangle/cuff solid silver
 Solid silver cowrie bracelet with turquoise beads.£100
 Solid silver seahorse snake bracelet £90
Price - 250
Tel : 07791 47 8563
Price - 100
Price - 90
Silver cockle shell bangle seahorse bracelet COCKLE SHELL BANGLE seashell charm bracelet
 Unusual solid silver cockle and real white pearl thick bangle. £90
 Silver seahorse on leather bracelet with turquoise heart and silver flower. £75
 Solid silver 3mm cuff with real white or black pearl and solid silver cockle drop. £125
 Silver starfish, limpet, whelk and cowrie charms. £165
Price - 90
Price - 75
Price - 125
Price - 165
Three Cliffs Bay landscape bangle silver shell bracelet wave cuff bracelet

Three Cliffs Bay, Gower inspired cuff /bracelet solid silver £485. A slow running stream meanders down through a tree lined valley to a picturesque sandy bay, where sea has carved the limestone rocks at Three Cliffs


Silver link bracelet -choose your prefered links! from flowers, starfish, crab, mussel, cockle, baby seahorse, limpet ,baby dragonfly or heart. £380. Solid silver wave and gulls cuff bracelet designed as a reminder of days surfing where seabirds regularly swoop down gliding and soaring over the waves.Between sets I love to sit on my board and watch their graceful and skillful movements through the salty air. £625
 Tel : 07791 47 8563
Price - 380
Price - 625

You can email your bangle size preference as I make each one individually as I receive an order. Bangle sizes as a guide are - Small 6cm, Medium 6.5cm, Large 7cm internal diameter

Most of the handmade jewellery designs can be altered, customers may select the colour of beads or stones and components can be added or replaced. Every item that is ordered is displayed in a stylish complementary gift box with the pa-pa designer jewellery logo printed on the inside

.All the handmade bangle and bracelet designs in my Collection are stamped with my own personalized hallmark, to verify the silver or gold content. I use only the best precious and semi-precious stones to enhance and compliment my unique designs.

Women are becoming more accustomed to buying jewellery for themselves to suit their clothes and personalities.This is a collection of handmade bracelets and bangles that will capture your imagination. As each bangle or bracelet is handmade individually and the fact that I am a small business, goods will be dispatched usually 7-10 days after payment is received, depending on availability. If the bracelet is in stock it will be sent the following day via special delivery with royal mail.

Tel : 07791 47 8563

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All intellectual property rights in our designs are and will remain the property of Pa-pa jewellery