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Surf and waves

Surf jewellery 'Barreling wave' Collection.

This collection of handcrafted jewellery designs are inspired by barrelling waves, the effect the movement has on the surface of the water and underneath on the ocean floor. I hope these rings, bracelets and earrings will appeal to anyone that shares my passion for surfing.

These designs in hallmarked silver are made individually by keen Gower surfer and silversmith Pa-pa.


wave cuff bracelet by Pa-pa

Wave cuff bracelet solid silver one available £625 phone to order

WAVE RINGS silver or gold
wave ring wave ring wave ring
wave and cz ring £85
Price - 85
Silver opal set wave ring £85
Price - 85
Silver wave and pebbles ring £85
Price - 85

New designs in silver inspired by waves and surf are being constantly added to the Surf jewellery 'Barreling wave' Collection. If you require any further information regarding jewellery designs based on surfing or waves, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Rings are available in white and 9ct yellow gold based on wave and sea themes.

The rings designs can be ordered to you size. Please phone for completion times for commissioned ring and pendant designs.

LAN1 Surf jewellery 'Barreling wave' Collection.
  wave pendant

Unique barreling wave' solid silver pendant on a silver snake chain.

Price - 85

LAN2 Surf jewellery 'Barreling wave' Collection.
wave ring

Chunky surf inspired Langland surf 'barreling' wave ring

Solid silver ring. Please email ring size when ordering.

Price - 85

LAN3 Surf jewellery 'Barreling wave' Collection. Click on image to enlarge
wave ring diamond

Double band barreling wave silver and 3mm cubic zircona ring

Price - 95

LAN4 Surf jewellery 'Barreling wave' Collection.

Solid silver surfboard landcape pendant. Three cliffs Bay

Price - 195
Surfboard sterling silver 925 pendant is 4.5cm long

Pa-pa jewellery seals Collection.
langland Bay seal necklace

Solid silver seal mother and pup pendant.

Price - £150
Seals sterling silver 925 pendant

My passion for the surf and surfing began at an early age in 1977. I started off on a classic wafer thin wooden board, about the same height as myself at the time. My dad having cycled regularly to Llangennith and enjoyed the bay himself as a child, chose Llangennith beach as our playground most weekends. We braved the waves armoured with 7mm diving suits with very chic orange velour lining and flattering under flap fastening that looked like bolts holding your pelvis together.
Having been inspired by one of the first movies of the late sixties shown at the pattie pavilion in Swansea, my father designed and crafted a 10ft surfboard out of marine plywood. With no real knowledge of board making and using only his professional skills as a carpenter he created the “blue board” in 1967. A Hollow core board, flat bottomed with a single tail fin. I have no recollection of a leash, tail pad or wax, so it was a pretty slippery sucker! It was a two-person operation for launching and carrying down to the sands from across the dunes. Its levelled deck provided us with a perfect picnic table when upturned, and the afternoons of surfing were complemented by a feast of foil -coated baked spuds over a log fire and charcoal scorched sausages.

From an article I wrote for Tonnau surf magasine .Phillippa

My body craves the caress and play,
And the smell of the salty air and sea each day!

Phillippa Davies surfing March 2008

langland pendant

Langland Bay landscape necklace with beach huts, palms surfer, shells and white moonstone.SOLD

Wave, tropical palms and beach huts inspired solid silver surfer ring.

Price - 250

wave ring

Solid silver wave ring designed as a reminder of days surfing where seabirds regularly swoop down and glide over the waves.Between sets, I love to sit on my board and watch their graceful air dispalys. £ size required

Price - 150


wave necklace by Pa-pa

Opal set solid silver wave necklace £75

Price - 75

wave bangle

Silver wave bracelet with colourful labradorite stone set.- £250 to order

Silver and opal wave ring £85

wave ring

Price - 85

wave necklace

Silver wave opal necklace £175

phone to order similar

See how the huts ring is made on the Pa-pa Jewellery channel on



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