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Dylan Thomas necklace by Welsh jewellery deigner Pa-pa

LLareggub silver necklace inspired by the work of Wesh poet Dylan Thomas On display at the Pa-pa Gallery, Gower. more info

Originals and Limited Edition pieces.

Customers are becoming more accustomed to buying jewellery for themselves to suit their clothes and personalities,as opposed to the mass produced jewellery that the retailers on the high street are offering.This is a collection of 'one-off' and limited edition handmade pieces that will capture your imagination .

Buy the perfect solution for an unusual gift !

Gower whelk shell necklace by Pa-paThis is a unique solid silver whelk shells and curls necklace which Pa-pa has formed from castings of real baby whelk shells from Llangennith Beach, Gower, South Wales

This pendant is 8cm long on a 16 or 18 inch silver snake chain. More info


gower shells necklace

This is a unique solid silver pipi clam shells butterfly necklace is formed from 1.2mm thick silver and not a coated or dipped shell.

4cm long real purple shells found washed up empty at our local beach at LLangennith, Gower.

Butterfly measuring approx 5cm x 6cm wide on a 16 or 18 inch silver snake chain. £265


dragons wing necklace
In celebration of Wales’s outstanding sporting success recently I have designed and handmade the Welsh dragons wings neckpiece in solid silver. The Welsh teams have gripped the heart of an entire nation with their achievements. I am inspired by their faith, determination and defiance against all the odds and by the Welsh supporters who are filled with pride and song, flying the flag of Wales, available Christmas 2017.

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worms head gower landscape

Pa-pa's Worms head inspired landsape necklace in solid silver (one only). This unique design has a wild pony trotting along the golden sands with the view of the Worms head in the background. The necklace has a blue manmade opals set alongside the rolling waves .Sold



Mumbles necklace

Mumbles pier in silver and 9ct gold with seagull, Gower seashells and heart tippped anchor £495 . One available.

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wave and diamond ring

A beautiful white diamond is set in this unusual 9ct solid gold barrelling wave design by Pa-pa. £1345.

wave cuff

Solid silver cuff. This unusual design is inspired by the time spent in the sea watching the gulls dipping and gliding along the unbroken waves . Sold phone to order £675



Pa-pa's solid silver seacharm bracelet has 13 charms. You have the option to create your own charm bracelet by choosing your own charms from the Pa-pa Collection. £625 More info

Worms head Rhossili  necklace

This highly polished silver and turquoise stone necklace is a magical piece. It represents the landscape of the Worm's Head with waves tumbling in at Llangennith beach. Necklace now £650

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shell clasp bracelets

Solid silver double sided seashell 3mm solid silver bangles.Unique registerd designs from Pa-pa jewellery.- The solid shells form the clasp £200-£265



gold dragonfly

9ct Gold turquoise set dragonfly on 9ct chain. .wingspan 1.5 inches- Necklace £650 One in stock


Rockpool necklace

Rockpool pendant solid silver

Turquoise cabochon anemone and starfish pendant with aquamarine 8 x4mm facet stonet £675 . More info



labradorite necklace

This unique piece is a solid silver swiring choker and stunning labradorite cabochon approx 2 inches long by 1.5 inches wide. An ocean currents inspired necklace £1280 phone to purchase




This real blue mussel is set in a silver outer shell casing 1mm thick with silver barnacles. Fine lines define the growth of the shell on the other side. The mussel drop revolves to allow the wearer to choose which side to show. Pink quartz and blue sodalite stones compliment this statement piece-The pendant hangs on a silver snake chain 18 or 20 inches long 1.9mm thick. -Please phone to commission a similar piece.

Three cliffs necklace

A stunning solid silver Three Cliffs Bay landscape necklace with horese riding through pretty wild flowers, swallow and manmade opal. SOLD

More info



This Solid silver mermaid pendant sculpted by Pa-pa holds a piece of silver coral in her hand and she on a round labradorie cabochon stone - £1225. A unique piece 8cm from head to tail tip long.36g phone to order One in stock

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eagle ray

This Solid silver eagle ray with silver cockle charm was inspired by a dive in the Indian ocean. She sits on a leather chord -Necklace £365 phone to order. One in stock

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langland Bay seal necklace

Pa-pa's silver mother and seal pup necklace £150 MORE INFO order.

Worms Head Landscape ring

Diamond and 9ct white gold Worms Head , Rhosili landscape ring with wave and pebbled granulation . sold phone to order.

whelk ring

Solid silver whelks ring £250

more info


Seahorse sbracelet solid silver

£200 more info


Solis silver puffin with flower and tiny flower

£150 phone to buy

Silver swirling current inspired turquoise stone necklace.Sold.Phone to order similar, from £1275

Solid silver mermaid's purse with a wild flowers on a 16 or 18 inch natural turquoise and aquamarine beaded necklace Phone to order similar

Solid silver dragonfly and wildflower wrist cuff in solid silver. £525sold


Worms Head Gower

langland necklace

silver dolphin necklace octopus necklace

This unique silver ring is inspired by Worm's Head,Rhossili, Gower.. £250 Available also in 9ct or 18ct white, rose or yellow gold .in stock Buy now

Solid silver Langland Bay landscape necklace with beach huts, palm trees, surfer, sea shells and white moonstone. One only £485. more info

Solid silver dolphin necklaceThis highly polished silver dolphin necklace is a magical piece. The light dances off the surface of the dolphins back as it glides through the curling silver waves. £285 phone to order

Large Silver octopus necklace with turquoise chip beads £675 sold


1.This solid 9ct gold starfish hangs on an 16 inch 9ct gold chain . £265

Price - £265
   2. A solid 9ct cockle shell is complimented by a superior quality real black or white pearl suspended on a 16 inch 9ct gold chain. £265
Price - £265
   3.This solid 9ct gold double sided mussel shell hangs on a 16 inch 9ct gold snake chain £499
Price - £499

gold shells

or To order phone 07791 478563

Prices for these solid gold necklaces may change according to daily price fluctuations. Pa-pa’s Gold is purchased from a registered FLO-CERT Company ensuring certification of fairtrade gold providing small scale workers in developing countries with strict standards of working conditions, child labour, health and safety, chemical control and environmental responsibility.

4. 9ct gold single mussel with barnacles on an 16 inch 9ct gold snake chain . £450
Price - £450
   5. 9ct gold baby double sided mussel on gold chain with pearl inside £285
Price - £285
   6.This solid 9ct gold single sided baby mussel hangs on an 16 inch 9ct gold chain. £245
Price - £245

crab ringrockpool necklace crab ring

Rock pool collection Pa-pa design drawings 1994

mermaid necklace She is 8 cm tall x 3 cm wide approximately and hangs from a silver chain 16'' -This beautifully sculpted sleeping mermaid is my personal favorite. I have paid great attention to detail with her scaled fin tail with real opal set and flowing locks of hair hosting a tiny starfish. £1280 ONE IN STOCK


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