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These handcrafted jewellery designs are inspired by the sea shells washed up by the surf at the beautiful beaches of Wales. I gather most of the empty shells locally. The beaches locally are renowned for crashing, tumbling surf and long sandy bays, where the ebbing tide leaves behind a gallery of driftwood and vacated shells. Tumbled tubes of stiffened sand and starfish scatter the bottom of tidal pools and rippled sandbanks. Gulls peck at the sand to feast on the purple pipis shells at low tide. The Loughor estuary to the north of Gower hosts vast beds of seashells which provide an everlasting source of inspiration for me.

Rhosili beach gold shells

cowrie necklace cowrie necklace whelk flower necklace mussel shell necklace mussel necklace
Cowrie flower£165 info
Cowrie shell £45 info
Whelk flower £185 info
Mussel shell £45info
Mussel shell £85 info
whelk studs cockle and pearl earrings whelk and pearl earrings limpet necklace by Pa-pa
Whelk studs £40 info Cockle pearl £45 info Whelk pearl £45 info Mussel pearl £125 info Limpet necklace £45info
gold whelk shell necklace whelk necklace cockle necklace cockle shell necklaces gold cockle
Gold whelk info Silver whelk £50 info Double cockle £75 info Silver cockle £45 info Baby mussel charm info
gold mussel mussel charm mussel shell necklace mussel necklace mussel heart necklace
Mussel pearl info Mussel charm £65 info Lg Mussel £145 info Mussel necklace £85info Mussel Heart £145info
oyster necklace shells necklace clam shell long necklace pink sea shell pendant
Oysters string £285 info Charm necklace info Pipi shells £285 info Fish charm £95 info Whelk curls £225info
shell necklace clam shell necklace limpet necklace abalone shell necklace shell necklace
Butterfly shells £250info Pipi shells £85 info Limpet shell £45 info Abalone crab £50 info Abalone shell £60 info
shell necklace oyster necklace cowrie studs Starfish necklace
Whale tail shell £85info Mussel cockle £110info Oyster pearl £85 info Cowire studs info Abalone star £60 info
cowrie bracelet Cowrie shell ring sea shell charm bracelet mussel bracelet flower whelk shell necklace
Cowrie shells £145 info Cowrie ring £50 info Seashell charm info Mussel bracelet info Flower choker info

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