diamond wave shoreline ring

Wedding rings The traditional wedding ring worn on the left hand signifies the bond of unity, commitment and true love of marriage.

Each ring is created by hand especially for you to reflect your personality to ensure it represents who you are. It will hold sentimental value that will grow with you as it is worn, as well as holding its financial value for future generations.

Rings can be made to order in silver, 9ct or 18ct yellow gold , rose gold or white gold. Prices vary according to the level of design and craftsmanship involved.

diamond wave ring wave ring wa ve ring


Solid 9ct yellow gold and three diamond ring private commission.


White 9ct gold ring 4mm wide £265 textured.  9ct white gold Wave ring with diamond Diamond wave rings White 9ct GOLD or yellow gold available from

Worms Head landscape ring 18ct white gold

gold hearts ring diamond heart ring
9ct gold aquamarine ring gold heart ring
gold and silver heart ring textured wave ring

9ct white gold wave gul ring

The Solid gold wave rings were designed as a reminder of days surfing where seabirds regularly swoop down gliding and soaring over the waves.Between sets I love to sit on my surf board and watch their graceful and skillful movements through the salty air.

wedding necklace

This pretty silver flower heart necklace is perfect for a bride who would like something unusual for her wedding. More info £150 tel: 0779147853

Brides gifts

I would like to think these unique necklace designs would evolke fond memories of your special day and remain a treasured personalised gift forever.


starfish necklace

Solid 9ct gold starfish with real white pearl on a 16 or 18 inch gold snake chain £265

starfsih pearl necklace

Solid silver starfish and real white pearl £50. The pendant hangs on a silver snake chain.


shell necklace

Solid 9ct gold whelk with real white pearl on a 16 or 18 inch gold snake chain £265

gold mussel necklace

Solid 9ct gold mussel and white pearl necklace £265 info

cockle necklace
flower necklace
cowrie necklace
whelk necklace
Price - 50
Price - 50
Price - 240
Price - 50
Silver cockle and lettered heart necklace.
Silver flower and lettered heart necklace.
9ct Gold flower necklace. Click on image to enlarge
Silver whelk and lettered heart necklace.

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