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seahorse bracelet
Price - 150

Solid silver seahorse clasp bracelet with flower and turquoise and silver heart bead charms £150

Seahorse and Rays Collection

I beleive the seahorse is one of the most facinating creatures of the ocean. Found in Britain off the Kent coast, Isles of Scilly and Ireland.

The seahorse with all the usual fishy traits such as swim bladder, gills, fins etc.seahorses also show a number of very un-fish like characteristics, such as having skin and not scales,a prehensile tail but their most bizarre attribute is the pouch for brooding their young, just like a Kangaroo,It is the males that get pregnant not the females, a completely unique situation in the natural world.

The majestic eagle ray was inspired by a dive in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

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ray necklace

Price - 365
Solid silver eagle ray 5cm wingspan with silver cockle charm.£365

seahorse charm necklace seahorse necklace

seahorse earrings

seahorse necklace
Silver Baby manta with flower and turquoise jasper £85
Seahorse, silver mussel and starfish charm pendant with blue lapis on a 16 inch chain.
Silver seahorse with flower and turquoise drop on 16 inch chain.
Solid Silver Seahorse and white pearl earrings 1 inch drop.£75 Seahorse, silver limpet and whelk charm pendant with turquoise and aquamarine on a 16 inch chain.
Price - 85
Price - 95
Price - 75
Price - 75

Price - 95

seahorse bangle
seahorse cufflinks seahorse bracelet
Silver Seahorse and cockle charm bangle with lapis, pearl or turquoise your preference. A stunning turquoise and seahorse necklace hangs on a silver chain. Silver cufflinks with silver seahorse Price - £75 Bracelet with turquoise, aquamarine,paua shell and carnelian, with a silver seahorse forming the clasp. Price - £75
Price - 85
Price - 65


Price - 75
Price - 75
seahorse necklace seahorse necklace

seahorse bracelet

Solid silver manta ray pendant with tiny flower on its tail hung on a silver ball chain.3cm medium wingspanPrice-£150
Large solid silver seahorse 3cm long on brown chord. Chain length optional at 16'' or 18'' long.Price-£60

Solid Silver 2.5cm long baby seahorse on 16 or 18 inch chain - £50


Solid silver seahorse on a 1.9mm snake anklet or bracelet with Pa-pa logo heart charm.£90

Price - 150

Price - 60
Price - 50


Price - 90


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