mussel necklace Oxwich bayThis collection of handcrafted jewellery designs are inspired byOxwich Bay,Gower.The woods at Oxwich Bay shroud the quaint 16th Century Chapel of St. Iltyds. Beneath the rocky point, which slopes downward from the trees, lies the wreck of the Solar, now old and encrusted with mussels. Many shallow pools are rich with life. Black rocks are domed with limpets, salted barnacles and blue mussels.
  silver mussel heart  necklace

Two baby mussel shells are embedded in solid silver to form this unique heart necklace, 2cm x 2cm on a silver chain 1mm thick.

Price - 90


 silver mussel

This real baby mussel is set in a thick silver shell casing and is 2cm long. It hangs on a 16 or 18 inch chain .

Price - 45

blue mussel necklace

This natural blue mussel shell is embedded in silver case with silver barnacles, created by hand, using ancient silversmithing techniques. The mussel shell is approx 1 inch long and hangs on a 1mm, 16 inch chain.

Price - 75

sea shell necklace

This large blue mussel is two inches long and hangs on a thick silver snake chain. Fine lines are engraved to define the growth of the shells exterior on one side with silver barnacles, exposing the natural beauty of the a real blue mussel on the other.This is not a mussel dipped in silver, it's setting is 1mm thick formed silver. Longer 24 inch blelcher also available extra £20. Phone for more info.

Price - 145

mussel necklace

A magical design, this thick silver mussel shell 2.5cm long pendant has been raised by hand using punches. A real pearl is cushioned inside the shell and it tinkles as it moves along the silver snake chain either 18 or 16 inches long.

Price - 75


Solid silver mussel shell charm 1.5cm long with real pearl inside, on a solid silver linked bracelet . White pearl or black pearl available. Email your preference at [email protected] £145

Price - 145


sea shell necklace

Baby blue mussel shells are set in a thick silver shell in the shape of a heart which hangs from a pretty wild flower curled pendant.The necklace is approx 4cm x 2cm on a silver snake chain either 18 or 16 inches long.


Price - 125

shore crab and blue mussel necklace

The shore crab and blue mussel necklace is a truly impressive piece. The shell is transformed by setting it in a silver case, encrusted with barnacles. The mussel pendant can be worn either way to reveal the blue mussel or its decorative case, as it hangs on a swivel mechanism from the claws of the shore crab.

Price - 145


16, 18 or 20 inches length available


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 mussel necklace

This real blue mussel is set in a silver outer shell casing 1mm thick with silver barnacles. Fine lines define the growth of the shell on the other side. The mussel drop revolves to allow the wearer to choose which side to show. Pink quartz and blue sodalite stones compliment this statement piece-The pendant itself is 5 inches long and hangs on a silver snake chain 18 or 20 inches long 1.9mm thick. £480 -Please phone to commission a similar piece.


mussel necklace

OB3B -£145

mussel bracelet

Baby Mussel heart on two silver 2mm thick solid bangles.

Price - 145


silver shell charm

Baby solid silver mussel charm 1.5cm long with small real pearl inside £65

Price - 65

sea shell necklace

For anyone with a love for the sea this large mussel heart necklace is the perfect gift. Mussels are approx 4cmx4cm and hang on an 18 inch snake chain 1.9mm thick .This limited edition piece is no longer available.

Solid silver mussel charm bangle with real pearl inside .

Price - 100


sea shell necklace

Mussel, silver shore crab and barnacle necklace - £145