Fall  Bay Gower

These handcrafted jewellery designs are inspired by Fall Bay, Gower, Swansea. There is a steep decent to this mystical bay, gorse covered cliffs are teaming with wild flowers and butterflies. A towering cliff face at the point, rises100ft out of the waves. High tide beats against it, spraying up over the sun drenched rock. Starfish and brown marbled strands of seaweed along with the mermaids purse cling to the rocks on the dark reef below, swaying back and forth with hypnotizing rhythm.

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FB1 Mermaid's purse necklace
mermaids purse silver

The solid silver mermaids purse pendant represents the home of the common dog fish. The baby fish spends nine months inside the case before swimming free into the open ocean. (2mm thick snake chain & mermaids purse is approx 2.5 inches long solid silver)

Price - 145

FB2 Silver seaweed necklace

The true colours of the sea beneath the cliffs of Fall Bay are reflected in the aquamarine and green aventurine beads, silver barnacles and bubbled seaweed strands complete this underwater theme.

Price - 125

FB3 Seaweed necklace
seaweed necklace

Silver seaweed pendant on a snake chain, with a turquoise or black pearl drop.

Price - 85

FB4 Silver seaweed necklace

Silver seaweed and turquoise OR black pearl pendant on a silver chain. Please email preference.

Price - £45

FB5 Silver seashell bracelet

Silver seaweed, limpet, starfsih and whelk charm bracelet with silver, beautiful sea coloured coloured beads.

Price - 165

FB6 Seaweed earrings

Silver seaweed earrings, suspended from green moss agate, black pearl or turquoise beads. Please email preference.

Price - 50

FB7 Baby mermaid's purse

Silver baby mermaid's purse with turquoise chip beads on a 16 inch chain.

Price - 50



To order phone 07791 478563


Solid silver mermaid's purse with a wild flower on a 16 or 18 inch natural turquoise and aquamarine beaded necklace £218. Phone to order.

Mermaids purse necklace with turquoise, twisted silver and thick silver snake chain from £500. Commission only

sea shell charm bracelet

FB5 Silver seashell bracelet £165 more info

Silver seaweed necklace with real black pearl. £45

Silver seashell charm necklace with blue lapis and rock crystal beads £165.. To order

Silver seaweed earrings with real black pearl- £50

mermaid's purse necklace

Baby mermid's purse

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