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These handcrafted dragonfly necklaces, bracelets and earrings are inspired by dragonflies. Heralding the summer with it's majestic transparent wings and long graceful body the dragonfly has been my source of inspiration for a new collection. The beauty and femininity of the dragonfly symbolizes transformation and resurrection.

Dragonfly necklaces, earrings and bracelets Collection by Pa-pa

Large silver dragonfly with turquoise chip belly on a silver snake chain

(16mm or 18mm chain length available) enlarge image

Price - 90

dragonfly necklace

Baby dragonfly necklace with turquoise and garnet drop-

Price - 50


Large oval shaped Turquoise beads, amethyst, fluorite and paua shell make up this silver bracelet with cleverly designed dragonfly clasp and safety catch.

Price - 60



Silver anklet with turquoise beads and silver butterfly charm 26cm in length. Email alternative length if required.

Price - 75


Silver baby dragonfly bracelet with smooth cylinder turquoise beads.19cm in length.

Price - 60




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Dragonfly necklace with turquoise. worn with Pa-pa's turquoise flower choker. More info

dragonfly earrings

Dragonfly turquoise and garnet earrings-£55

Price - 50

Silver butterfly ring £60

butterfly ring


Butterfly cufflinks £45

Price - 45

 In June summer of 2006, we were fortunate enough to have two visitors to our small pond in our garden. A few damselflies,mayflies and dragonflies have returned each year to mate and delight us with their breathtaking aerial displays and alien like transformation when hatching from their nymph skin.

From our pond - Large Red Damselflies - Pyrrhosoma nymphula