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New For SPRING 2017 by Pa-pa jewellery, Gower.


This is a unique solid silver heart shaped necklace is made from a cluster of pretty eight petaled flowers soldered together £150 more info

This pendant is 8cm long on a 16 or 18 inch silver snake chain. More info

worms head landscape necklace by Pa-pa

Pa-pa's Worms head inspired landsape necklace in solid silver (one only). This unique design has a wild pony trotting along the golden sands with the view of the Worms head in the background. The necklace has a blue manmade opals set alongside the rolling waves . £495 Enlarge image


Copyright © Pa-pa Designs Ltd 2003-2017

Designs registered with the UK Intellectual Property Office, Newport.

All intellectual property rights in our designs are and will remain the property of Pa-pa Designs Ltd


charm bracelet

Pa-pa's solid silver seacharm bracelet has 13 charms. You have the option to create your own charm bracelet by choosing your own charms from the Pa-pa Collection. £625 More info

dragonswing necklace

Solid Silver Welsh dragon wing neckpiece. more info

In celebration of Wales’s outstanding football and olympic sporting success so far I have designed and handmade the Welsh dragons wings neckpiece in solid silver. The Welsh teams have gripped the heart of an entire nation with their achievements. I am inspired by their faith, determination and defiance against all the odds and by the Welsh supporters who are filled with pride and song, flying the flag of Wales. If we believe in ourselves we can make our dreams become reality and anything is possible.

dragonswing ring by Pa-pa jewellery

Dragonswing ring by Pa-pa jewellery 2017

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Outside Gower Heritage Centre in Parkmill, Gower.


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