Sea-Anemones. These beautiful creatures are found in many rockpools around the coastline Great Britain. The Gower Peninsula hosts a varirty of anemonies the dahlia, beadlet and snakelock anomonies. The more familiar beadlet anomonie is a deep garnet red, brown or green. This jelly like anemone adapts to the sometimes harsh habitat on the rocks by retracting their tentacles and closing their mouths when the tide goes out, protecting itself from the sun and wind. When the tide returns the waves crashing over them stimulate the tentacles to open, ready for the new arrival of food brought in by the tide. Despite their delicate flower like appearance, sea anemonies are predators, armed with a stinging cells to capture their prey.

Silver sea anenome cushioned by silver barnacles, turquoise and red garnets.Necklace £150
Price - 150

sea anemome necklace

Garnet three strands beaded silver sea-anomone necklace to order

sea anemome necklace
Labradorite set in silver barnacle encrusted sea anemone £150 Silver sea anemone pendant on a 16 or 18 inch silver ball chain £85
Price - 150
Price - 85
Silver sea anenome on a silver cylinder beaded garnet and serpentine necklace 16 0r 18 inches long £110
Price - 110



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