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gold dragonfly

Necklaces The necklaces in this Collection are all originally designed and crafted by silversmith and designer Pa-pa in her workshop on the edge of the Gower, Swansea, South Wales. Each necklace is made individually using hallmarked 925 sterling silver. I use only the best precious and semi-precious stones to enhance and compliment my designs. Every necklace that is ordered is displayed in a complementary gift box with the pa-pa designer jewellery logo printed on it.

Customers are becoming more accustomed to buying jewellery for themselves to suit their clothes and personalities.This is a collection of 'one-off' and limited edition pieces that will capture your imagination .

More info £105 More info £45 More info £75 More info £45 More info £65
Wave Gul opal necklace FLOWER WHELK SHELL NECKLACE mussel shell necklace daisy necklace Starfish necklace
Wave gull £85info
Flower £85 info
Mussel shell £45info
Daisy £50 info
Abalone star £50 info
flower necklace cowrie shell necklace shell necklace dragonswing necklace starfish necklace by Gower silversmith Pa-pa
cowrie flower necklace petal necklace by Pa-pa whale tail whelk shell necklace by Pa-pa starfish necklace by Pa-pa
more info £165
more info £165
silver cockle shell dragonswing necklace seagull necklace gold starfish necklace silver seahorse necklace
More info £265
silver mussel shell necklace mussel necklace silver gold mussel necklace by pa-pa silver mussel and real pearl necklace silver baby mussel necklace
More info £145
More info £385
mussel heart necklace silver and black pearl and whelk shell necklace mermids purse necklace silver mermaids purse fish hook pendant
More info £100
More info £145
silver mussel heart necklace silver mussel heart necklace silver seahorse necklace seahorse necklace silver original sea shell necklace
Sold out limited editon
More info £145
More info £480
silver and aquamrine and seaweed necklace silver and black pearl seaweed necklace silver seaweed necklace silver dolphin necklace crab necklace
More info £125
anemone necklace sea anemone necklace crab necklace crab necklace crab necklace
More info £150
boat necklace silver  pearl and starfish necklace manta ray dolphintail necklace by Pa-pa
More info £125
More info £365
More info £150
silver abalone heart necklace silver abalone heart necklace cockle necklace octopus necklace
silver dragonfly necklace silver dragonfly necklace FLOWER NECKLACE heart necklace silver surf necklace
silver surf necklace silver ammonite necklace abalone and flower necklace silver shell charm
shell necklace silver mermaid necklace silver dolphin necklace silver heart necklace
More info £1280
silver flower necklace silver heart necklace octopus necklace
More info £295
pearl necklace silver fish and sea shell pendant silver turquoise fish necklace silver dolphin necklace
More info £150

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To order phone 07791 478563

These eye catching designs are intended evoke fond memories of the ocean that will appeal to anyone with a love and respect for the sea!


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