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Hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay Office to verify the silver content

Every item that is ordered is displayed in a stylish complementary gift box with the pa-pa designer jewellery logo printed on it.

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This is a solid silver celtic inspired design.

The celtic triquetra is thought to be a symbol of the mind, body and soul, or earth , fire and water. Pa-pa's love of the sea is combines these three elements to create a unique piece to reflect her love of the sea, celbrating it's healing powers and positive energy. Similar to the triquetra but with three silver lobster claws joined at the centre.

This pendant which can hang on leather or on a solid silver chain, has been filed, shaped and soldered by the hand of Gower's Welsh silversmith Pa-pa. The workshop is surrounded by evidence of hill top forts, ancient standing stones and buriel sites of the Welsh iron age clans on Gower.

Pendant measuring approx 4cm diameter it hangs on a thick leather chord.Silver chains available in 16 or 18 inch lengths £20 extra .

Price - 85

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